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 in need of a mod and admin..

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PostSubject: in need of a mod and admin..   Sun Aug 17, 2008 2:32 am

hi to all of you out there... cheers

its me Lychan desu... waZ uP.. ?

so i made a new forum ei regardinG jpop... its goiNg to talk abt matters in recognition to the ppl in
the japanese pop entertainment.. Very Happy Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven

so basically this forum just stated and is finding member who is a fan, addict, fanatic, devoted fan or whatever that is very much has the time and can lend a time to spare for our kawaii friends out there,.

so to start... i would like to ask anyone to join this forum and start shariNg the jpop luv!!

and im also lo0kiNg for mod and 1 admin... Very Happy Basketball
hopE all of You are still available even though we have this exams and
were still so busy at school .. Very Happy

but please you the forum and start making new friends and other members so our family would be as
BIG as the universe....
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in need of a mod and admin..
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